Why Care About Google Street View | Trusted?

The world is a competitive place. Nobody knows that better than New Yorkers. That place down the street—the Chinese one with the crazy good egg rolls and that special sauce? Gone now. There’s a new Indian joint setting up shop. Maybe they’ll make it, and maybe they won’t.

Business is all about finding an edge; a leg up. It’s about exploiting every possible legitimate opportunity you come across, and Google Street View | Trusted is exactly the kind of thing which could make all the difference between driving new business, and letting it slip through your fingers.

Intrigued? Curious to know what makes Google Street View | Trusted so exciting? Keep reading to find out exactly how you can take advantage of the latest enhanced listings and add functionality to your web site.

What Are The Real World Benefits?

Your current customers—as well as potential new clientele—will be able to look directly at your location. Imagine owning a vintage-themed restaurant and wanting to show off the 1950’s décor. Or an upscale salon where you need to highlight the privacy each of your clients is afforded. And of course, with a specialty electronics store, the ability to show off shelves packed with technology is key.

Google Street View | Trusted allows you to do just that: to take all the things you’ve put such effort into getting just right, and show them off with pride. This means customers don’t wonder if your coffee shop is the right place to meet a new client. It means they’ll know that your gym has the equipment they need to get in that perfect workout. And that they’ll know right where concessions are located in your theater, even before they step inside for the first time.

Your new Street View | Trusted enhancements will be visible in Google search listings, Google+ Local, and through Google Maps from the Google Street View interface. Customers will have access to photographs right from the search results, and can take a virtual tour easily. There’s even a quick, easy way to embed all of the Business View features and make them available on your website and Facebook business page.

Finally, it’s worth knowing that Google ranks web sites according to a complex, shifting set of criteria. A constant factor in search results has been that the more detailed and unique the content of a site—the more information available for a specific business—the more it is favored in search results. In a very real way, having as much unique, relevant information available for your business as possible results in enhanced search visibility. This is because the search engine attempts to return the best quality results for each search.

Are There Any Privacy Concerns?

Google Street View | Trusted is the model for the Street View program. As with Street View, all photographs for your business will go through a comprehensive screening process before they are published. With years of experience handling the Street View project, Google ensures that care is taken in applying blur to photos as needed in order to ensure that the strict privacy standards of the Business View program are adhered to.

Is One Google Street View | Trusted Shoot Enough?

That depends on your situation. Each business is different, after all. A good rule of thumb is that if your business undergoes noticeable renovations or redecoration, it is a fine idea to schedule a new shoot. This is perfect for businesses that thrive on seasonal traffic such as clothing boutiques, sporting goods outlets, and department stores. If your business is fairly static throughout the year it is typically not necessary to shoot new photos outside of major changes to the interior or layout, such as when you’re renewing the lunch counter at your deli or adding on to your pet shop with an expansion into an adjacent suite.

In the event that you need seasonal shoots for your business or that you have a set date for when your renovations will be finished, you can comfortably schedule an appointment in advance in order to ensure that your new shoot is processed in a timely manner.

Who is your photographer, Anyway?

Brian Berkowitz


Brian is your local Google Trusted Photographer. He's a veteran commercial photographer, and he's the guy who can take care of all your Business View needs. Brian is available to schedule Google Business View shoots on Long Island and throughout the Greater New York City Metro area. Get in touch today.